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Albanian could be a language spoken by over six million folks, primarily in Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, and {also the} Republic of Macedonia however also in parts elements of the Balkans, on the eastern coast of Italy and in Sicily, also as by emigrant groups in USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Scandinavia and also the Australia.

There are many individuals who would love to learn Albanian.

Students or academics who need to learn a foreign language as a second language.

Guests who need to visit the countries of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.

International organization staff who need to work in Albanian regions.

Businessmen who need to trade in Albanian regions.

People that are married to Albanians.

Humanitarians who need to try and do a social service, those connected with charities or spiritual teams.

Kids of a native Albanian parent.

Communities who are surround by Albanian friends etc.