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International Albanian Language Course

The World's First Online Albanian School
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Where to learn Albanian online ?
 Albanian Online

A: It is a unique online foreign language learning course focusing on one-on-one interactive.

A: You will be able to interact directly with a native foreign tutor through live chat computer software who will focus on helping you learn a foreign language based on one-on-one interactive learning environment.

A: You will require:
  • A computer; we recommend a personal computer.
  • A reliable and fast internet connection, preferably a broadband or DSL.
  • A live voice software preferably Skype but you can also voice chat on other software such as Yahoo Messenger or Gmail.
  • A good quality headset or microphone and speaker.

A: Although our students can choose their own schedule of classes, but we recommend all students to take ideally two lessons in a week. Students can take a number of lessons in each month depending upon their work schedule.
Most students take an average of eight lessons in a month while some take four or less, which solely depends upon them. Students can also change the frequency of online classes as they progress.

A: Each lesson at I.A.L.C revolves and focuses on teaching the grammar of each language to build a strong base of the language, while learning to speak, write, read and interact in a language. As students progress to higher levels, they feel easier to interact with their tutors in their native language.

A: Although our tutors follow their lessons and stick to basic teaching structure but you always have the option to adjust a few things through discussion with your assigned tutor to make it easier for you to understand.
A: Each lesson covers a set of goals and it continues until a student has completely understood each lesson and learned the topics discussed in it.
A:Yes! Each lesson starts from the basics of grammar which is the core of each language. Our students at I.A.L.C progress towards becoming proficient in a language through an effective foreign language learning curriculum.
A: You can pay through a Visa, MasterCard, eCheck, Discover or Amex credit card. You can also pay through online payment options such as PayPal, as well as Western Union and personal checks.

A: Yes, you can attend the first class for free in which you will get a foreign language textbook such as Albanian Textbook GRATIS during an Albanian learning class.

A: Actually no, you can attend as many lessons each month as you want according to your learning speed, but we still recommend you to take at least four lessons each month or two in a week. However, you can change the pace of learning as your progress toward more difficult levels depending upon how much you learned.
A: If you signup for twelve months upfront, we will give you the 13th lesson for free, and over the course of the year, we will give you lessons for a month for free.

A: Yes you can change the schedule of your classes anytime but make sure to inform your assigned tutor at least six hours prior to class timings to adjust their schedule as per your timings.

A: You can terminate your membership with I.A.L.C without any kind of agreement, but make sure to inform us before the end of the month to enable us to process your application in time.
However you can still attend your remaining classes or any unused lesson for up to twelve weeks from last scheduled lesson after the cancellation of the program. According to our User Policy the payment is non-refundable and students are free to use their remaining lessons.
A: Absolutely not, you are free to attend classes at your most convenient time and whenever you are available. Be sure to inform us at least six hours prior to your class timings, and you can resume your classes when you are available. You can choose your own frequency of classes each month and set your own time.

A: You are required to inform at least six hours prior to your first class, so that we can assign a native tutor to you and prepare your first class.

A: It depends upon students’ learning speed, skills and intelligence. Beside other things, it depends on:

  • the level of language you choose at the time of signup.
  • the goal you set.
  • how much comfortable you are with a foreign language.
  • the level of your motivation, interest and confidence.
  • whether is it your mother language or a second language.
  • much good you are in learning new things.
  • much time you spends on practicing, doing homework and self assessment.

A: We reward all our students with a certificate if they successfully complete their foreign language learning program which is prepared by their tutor himself/herself with students’ proficiency and performance.

Q: Why should I study abroad?
A: Study abroad is an enriching and eye-opening journey, wherever learning extends far beyond the schoolroom. The experience can expose you to new ways of thinking, living, and viewing the planet. Benefits include the chance to find out regarding another culture firsthand, learn a wholly new language, you'll travel, fulfill major and develop new intellectual pursuits, skills, and views. You'll additionally expect to create friendships and build recollections which will last a lifespan.
A: Yes, definitely, because isn't enclosed within the program fees. Talk over with your insurance to grasp whether or not you're covered while abroad. If not, or if the coverage isn't enough, we could provide suggestions of various insurance firms that provide international insurance. ;

Q: How long do the Albanian courses run for?
A: We run Albanian Language courses all year around. We provide minimum one week course up to one month and additional if that is requested from the student.

Q: Do I actually have to pay for my Albanian course in advance?
A: Yes, and if you pay the complete amount, a confirmation of your booking are going to be sent to you via the system. Also you can choose BillMeLater option via pay in 6 months with 0% interest.
A: Yes. We are going to met at the airport and driven from Tirana International airport to your hotel in Shkodra. (Taxi rate is $55 / €45 / £35).

Q: Do the teachers speak in English throughout lessons?
A: In our teaching approach it's considered only for the teacher to talk as much as attainable in Albanian so students are immersed in an Albanian speaking setting. However if the student has a particular difficulty understanding something, our teachers can use English, Italian, French or German to supply a useful explanation.

Q: How many students are going to be in my class?
We tend to limit class sizes to a maximum of ten in order to make sure that everybody gets the most of the experience of learning Albanian in one among the most cultural Albanian cities.A: No. We tend to try and match students in classes that best reflect their existing knowledge of Albanian, their experience and their age group, however we've got often got the most effective results from mixed-age classes wherever you get the chance to move with individuals from many various walks of life.A: The day is structured in such how that you simply can have ample time to yourself to explore town of Shkodra and strike more afield.

Q: How many hours of teaching do you provide per day?
You can have 3 hours of Albanian language tuition per day with an skilled, bi-lingual Albanian teacher. Classes are all bi-lingual with Albanian backed up absolutely with English explanations and lots of emphasis is given on practice during a realistic setting. Our teacher speaks additionally in Italian, German, French, Spanish and Greek.A: The Albanian classes are particularly designed to be enjoyed as a cultural experience that permits you to know Albanian culture and obtain to grips with the Albanian language. The emphasis is in enriching your world and in providing an expertise that is really pleasurable. There's never any pressure inside the classroom atmosphere, or outside it and our expertly trained tutors work effortlessly to create everything as straightforward as attainable for you.

Q: Where do the students at I.A.L.C. come from?
A: Our students come from all round the world to learn Albanian, principally from North America and Western Europe (the Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain) Balkan region and East Europe etc.
Yes, however drivers aren't continuously cooperative with cyclists. there's no better choice than riding or walking to discover Shkodra! We will provide for gratis to ride a bicycle while you'll be staying in Shkodra.

Q: Where I will read additional about Shkodra City?
A: You will read here: Shkodra in your pocket in pdf. fileA: Albanian current is 220 Volts 50 Hz, as is mostly the case in all of Europe. United States appliances, that work on one hundred ten volt current, would like an electrical device and an adapter plug. European appliances would like solely an adapter plug.

Q: Can I  have internet/web access in my hotel room?
A:  You 'll have free web access all day long at the hotel through Wi-Fi network if you've got a laptop, iPad or iPhone with you.

Q: Is the tap water safe to drink?
A: Yes, it’s drinkable in Shkodra however during your tour we tend to advise to buy bottled water.

Q: What's the best length of stay to learn Albanian?
There's no real answer to this. Many of our students use their holidays to spend one or two weeks, exploring ancient sites, visiting Albanian antiquities, learning Albanian and exploring the town of Shkodra and lots of Albanian attractions. Some stay 3 weeks or additional more the available time they have. we tend to aim to assist you create the most out of your stay no matter how long you stay.

Q: Am i able to extend my stay in Republic of Albania, learning Albanian when my reserved time is up?
We try hard to assist you in spite of what. We’ll extend your stay beyond what you originally reserved. In order to assist you we want to understand this as soon as possible thus we will create all the mandatory class arrangements.

Q: Will I get a certificate?
Everyone attending our learn Albanian in Albanian language courses gets an attending certificate and IALC T-shirt

For any other question please feel free to contact us.