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International Albanian Language Course

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Student feedback

What students say about Albanian CoursesI have just finished my 13 Skype lessons. At first, I wasn’t thus sure about having lessons on-line and whether or not it'd be worth my time and money as I wasn’t physically in a school with the teacher and other students, but I actually have found it very helpful to my Albanian language development. I received course materials, there was set homework to finish between every lesson and i was given a brief test that examined my progress.  My Albanian teacher was also very kind and patient with me. If you're like me and have some doubts taking part in lessons on-line, I.A.L.C. group offers you the 1st lesson free to try and with great care you'll be able to test it out and see if it's right for you. This was very nice and I thank I.A.L.C Group for providing this as I probably wouldn’t have considered these lessons if I wasn’t able to “try before you buy”. Thank you for the simplest way  to learn Albanian in my own home and country. What an excellent idea!  Diante P. Calgary, Canada

I have been taking Albanian classes online now for a few months. I started as a beginner. I have learned a lot since. This course has helped me tremendously with the fundamentals of the Albanian language. I visited Albania this winter and I was able to communicate to the Albanians with what I learned. It felt very rewarding. I want to thank my teacher for this course! If you are serious about learning this language and you are willing to take the time and effort to learn, then this course is for you.

Jess Y, Los Angeles, CA
The course was really the step which made it possible for me to start to make conversation and to understand more what is going around in the daily life in Albania.
Ari, UK.

I experience my expertise with I.A.L.C. Group. I tell everyone I learned Albanian on the web, however no one believes me. by far it's the simplest thanks to receive reasonable personalized lessons. Not only were the classes fun, but I formed a powerful friendly relationship with all my teachers. I actually looked forward to class time. Thanks for all of your help.

Brandon , Atlanta GA

My name is Stephen from NY and I am more than glad with I.A.L.C. and its staff teaching Albanian. I am in the military so my schedule is pretty tight but that won't a problem though because they're willing to figure with you with no matter times you're available. Learning Albanian on-line here is very helpful and I'm having a good time. I recommend to anyone who needs to learn Albanian on line via Skype to learn it here.

Stephen, NY.Online Albanian language student experiences

My sister and I live in Florida and we have been recently enjoying Albanian classes with IALC the past couple of months. Our mother is from Albania, but we was raised without learning her native language. We've visited Albania regularly all our lives and dripped in and out of teach-yourself courses and phrase books, in addition to trying to study on our family, but we've never were able to retain much and have always worried about having the capacity to engage in day-to-day conversations. So we eventually decided that we needed a teacher to teach us some structured help and several homework! We found  Int'l Albanian Language Course and received a friendly and flexible e-mail from them. After developing a taster lesson over Skype using examples of the course guide, my sister and I thought to buy 13 lessons and have carried on, once weekly, since then. My Albanian teacher is very knowledgeable with a sense connected with humor too. He makes every session interesting and enjoyment, structuring them though also letting us set each of our overall pace. His explanations of Albanian sentence structure, pronunciation and culture are very valuable and his encouragement continues to develop our confidence make use of the Albanian that we have learnt. We highly recommend IALC to anyone looking to learn Albanian.

Kethie & Becky D. Florida

I have searched on internet and inside my hometown in Australia and this can be a perfect solution to me. The flexibility is extremely high in order to schedule the lessons with my Albanian teacher. The book as used by my teacher is definitely the best one I am aware and also very important, my teacher is an incredibly pleasant person to do business with. He knows to offer homework very effectively. He keeps you busy in this way. So, all together an online school I will recommend to everybody who wants to learn Albanian inside a professional and personal environment.

Martin, Australia

I made a decision to try Skype lessons to learn Albanian because I was struggling to find classes in my specific geographic area. These skype Albanian lessons are so convenient and specially for someone who works 9-5. I find the classes very flexible as you pay as you go with plans which is great and since the lessons are one-to-one the information can be catered for a needs. As long as you've got a good Internet connection to guarantee the sound is not impaired as it is very important get pronunciations correct then i would highly recommend trying it!

Aline, France

I thought we would have Skype lessons as I wanted to practice and be able to talk to my boyfriend in Albanian and develop natural conversation skills instead of repeating after any CD. I believe that my Albanian teacher, is a very good tutor and I anticipate planning more standard online lessons inside this year. My aim is usually to become fluent in Albanian by the end of 2015 

Susan, Germany

Your Skype Albanian lessons worked to get me to the basic level in an limited time frame. The lessons took me step-by-step through basic concepts and also grammar and were taught in a fashion that made it easy to remember. My teacher was friendly and flexible the experience was tailored to my learning style together with my hectic schedule.

Andrea, Italy